Expected results:

  1. Partnership agreement has been signed, Project Timeline has been prepared, and coordination meetings are organized regularly.
  2. mid-term and final reports are submitted in time and according to requirements.
  3. Data management plan prepared, permits for project implementation are acquired, and documentation for public procurement is prepared on time.


  • D1.1 Partnership agreement
  • D1.2 Project plan
  • D1.3 Extract of the project data from the LIFE KPI webtool –M9
  • D1.4 Extract of the project data from the LIFE KPI webtool –M48
  • D1.6 Progress report M19-M36



Expected results:

  1. Three ponds, at least 36 ha (ponds with surrounding landscape) restored, habitat significantly improved for two populations, or 25 % of total Balkan Terrapin population of Croatia. One of the ponds (in Ston field project area) will enable 7% increase of Balkan Terrapin population in Croatia ensured by our reinforcement actions during the project (with estimated 45 % gain in the long term).
  2. 850 ha of restored wetland habitats across 4 Natura 2000 areas, including canals in Konavle field and Ston field project area.
  3. at least 8 of basking sites across at 6 ponds set up, 1 tunnel adapted to be a functional ecological corridor between two ponds in Majkovi project area.



Expected results:

  1. Glasshouse for breeding (28 m2) built.
  2. producing 40 hatchlings
  3. protective cage is built for Ston refugium pond and first juveniles are soft-released


  • D3.1 Ex-situ program for reinforcement of Mauremys rivulata population in Croatia
  • D3.2 Guidelines for ex-situ turtle management in Croatia
  • NO3 MS5- First clutch hatched in Zagreb ZOO
  • NO4 MS4- First oviposition in Zagreb ZOO
  • NO5 MS5- Mating recorded in Zagreb ZOO
  • NO6 MS2- Five founders provided for breeding



Expected results:

  1. In collaboration with landowners adapt turtle-friendly land management and agricultural practices at minimum of 6 nesting sites to have at least 10m2 of nesting site area per population secured for all 4 populations.
  2. all of Gambusia sp. population from two out of three ponds where it is currently known to be present: one Natura 2000 site 100% clear, one Natura 2000 site 50% clear (affecting 25% of the total Mauremys rivulata population);
  3. capture all currently known IAS turtle individuals in three Natura 2000 sites (Ston, Majkovi, Prljevići 100% clear of Trachemys scripta) and have at least 5 removal actions of the volunteer alerts during the project;
  4. completely eliminate Paspalum knotgrass from all three ponds where it is currently known to be present (two Natura2000 sites 100% clear, aquatic habitat secured for 25% of the total Mauremys r. population)
  5. 30 fyke nets are built, tested in three phases and in collaboration with at least 10 local fisherman in Delta Neretve project area and at least 3 research/management experts, across the entire project area, and in Albania and Montenegro.
  • D4.1 Free industrial design for a by-catch free fyke net
  • NO2 MS6- Workshop on sustainable fishery



Expected result:

  1. The project impact on the targeted species is measured and quantified continuously during the project.
  2. The project impact on habitat is measured and quantified by assessing the water quality and ecological biodiversity monitoring, and the project impact on the ecosystem services is quantified.
  3. the usage of basking sites, the effectiveness of predator repelling, and the success of agricultural intervention is measured and quantified, and will serve as in input for habitat and species management in the future.
  4. the uptake of new fyke net and the public opinion are measured and quantified.
  5. the data needed for monitoring and reporting key project indicators is gathered through out the tasks in this WP.


  • D5.1 Project impact on ecosystem condition and services
  • D5.2 Public opinion on fish trap usage



Expected results:

  1. 5 habitat management workshops (1 on ponds, 1 on canals; 3 focused on landowners of private agriculture parcels in Natura 2000 with Mauremys), 5 short term volunteer actions (at least 50 volunteers included), 1 educational program - The pond keeper: 1 picture book (500 distributed), 1 documentary book (500 re-print), 3 games (2700 distributed)
  2. 5 habitat management workshops (1 on ponds, 1 on canals; 3 focused on landowners of private agriculture parcels in Natura 2000 with Mauremys) at least 100 stakeholders reached; 3 workshops for Mauremys ex situ management (at least 50 stakeholders reached), 3 workshops on sustainable agriculture at nesting sites at Mediterranean wetland days (at least 20 owners reached));
  3. 3 seminars (at Mediterranean wetland days, at least 500 people reached); 1 educational program (The pond keeper: 1 picture book (500 distributed), 1 documentary book (500 re-print), 3 games (2700 distributed), 1 documentary movie, 1 traveling exhibition 30 schools visited with at least 2000 children reached), 1 volunteer program, 5- short term volunteer actions, at least 50 volunteers included
  4. Improve the tourist offer with biodiversity-oriented content, in particular through Mauremys days in ZOO (4 during the project), and Mediterranean wetland days (3 during the project) with at least 8000 people reached total, English language posts on web page and social media (1 per month), some of the promotional material printed in English.
  • D6.1 Mauremys film
  • NO1 MS7- Sustainable agriculture and fishery demonstrated



Expected results:

  1. Land agreements signed.
  2. DUNEZ has the knowledge, logistics and working plan for the continuing volunteer programme
  3. At least 4 persons from Albania and Montenegro visited during the Mediterranean Wetland week, at least 1 proposal submitted for funding by the visiting organization, by the end of our project.


  • D7.1 First private land conservation agreement and parcel secured for 30 years

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